Monday, July 12, 2010

The Proposal Story

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So 2 Months, 2 weeks & 5 days to go until the Big Day. I want to fill you guys in on how it all went down!... And so it is

The day was like any other, except for our meeting with our church Pastor about pre-wedding counseling.  Little did I know that I was in for the Best night of our lives!
I arrived at the church and was shocked that there was no one there and all the lights where off. But there was a sign on the front door that read “Babe, walk toward the spotlight inside the temple and take your seat. Enjoy your favorite flowers.” I instantly knew what was going on and was nervous to the very core! So I walked inside the empty temple and saw a single light shinning on a chair with an arrangement of white Calla Lilies. As I sat down in tears holding my flowers I realized there was another note that read “Tie the red string on your ring finger tight” and noticed a red string tied to the chair that came down from the audiovisual booth.  The moment I tied the string on my finger the church projectors turned on with a video he made. The video had our favorite song in the background “Back to You” by John Mayer with pictures of us and words that touched my heart. At the end there was I big “Will you?” on the screen and felt the string moving. I saw the ring gliding towards my hand as André walked in, knelt on one knee and finished sliding the ring on my finger.
After that amazing moment he took me to a restaurant, where to my surprise our families where waiting for us with tears of joy!

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